Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Mid-Summer Night's Dream by C21

After the success of Romeo and Juliet in 2013, c21 brings Shakespeare’s clever comedy to the stage in the autumn.

This new adaptation, directed by Arthur Webb, and specially edited for schools and lovers of the Bard’s language, captures all the essence of love, intrigue and humour and is performed by a cast of six talented actors: Adrian Cooke, Ruth Jennings, Richard Priestly, Thomas Martin, Megan Armitage and Gerard McCabe

The play contains some strong, courtly, confused lovers, a band of good- hearted thespian workmen and some vengeful punk fairies but with the help of some love juice, an ass’s head, a wall and a lion, the domestic squabbles in the forest of Athens, are magically resolved and the play ends with celebration and marriage.

Don’t miss c21’s new and exciting ‘Dream’ production.

Touring to:

Braid Arts Centre on Monday 13th October - To book tickets click here
Antrim Grammar School on Tuesday 14th October
Riverside Theatre on Wednesday 15th October - To book tickets click here
Down Arts Centre on Friday 17th October - To book tickets click here
Methodist College on Tuesday 21st October
Baby Grand from Wednesday 22nd - Saturday 25th October - To book tickets click here

Monday, 6 October 2014

Tom Doughty at the Black Box 30 October at 8pm

Fresh from gigs at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank and the Liverpool Music Festival, Tom Doughty is performing a one off gig in Belfast to raise money for Arts Care, before playing the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain. 

In a world where music and musicians are rigorously categorised for marketing purposes, Tom Doughty presents a challenge... 

How do you pigeonhole someone who has played, studied and shared stages with US blues guitar master Woody Mann; Australian classical guitar maestro Craig Ogden; Indian slide guitar genius Debashish Bhattacharya; and UK pedal steel King BJ Cole?

A solo artist, half a duo, with a band or indeed as 2014 saw in Qatar Opera House, a soloist in a unique orchestra, Tom ignores boundaries.

A performance by Tom Doughty seamlessly blends all these influences with his own improvisational style to create a unique experience for the listener. A 1920s blues classic might be followed by a new take on a Marvin Gaye number; a hauntingly evocative original instrumental gives way to Cole Porter, the Beatles, or Randy Newman. An instantly recognisable slide guitar style, passionate vocals and a relaxed, wryly humorous line in stage patter take the audience on a unique musical journey, echoing the diversity of the family record collection that made such an impression on the young Doughty.

“Just the right amount of laidbackness” – John Renbourn

A self taught guitarist from the age of seven, Tom Doughty had literally to reinvent a way to play guitar after a serious injury in 1974 left him with limited use of his hands. Frustrated at hearing music in his mind which he could not physically produce on his instrument, Tom’s tenacity and creativity helped him discover a route back to being a musician. His sensitivity of touch allows him to pull every ounce of emotion from the instrument, as if he has somehow become one with the guitar.

“Tom Doughty is possessed of a deep musical soul” – Bob Brozman

With numerous radio and TV appearances and four critically acclaimed CDs to his name, Tom’s reputation as a musician, singer, songwriter, teacher, writer and workshop leader is international. He performs regularly in the UK and Europe at clubs, concert halls and festivals, and has toured the USA and Canada and the middle East.

“Possesses a level of communication with his audience that is by no means limited to his guitar playing... it feels like a large collection of friends have called round to Tom’s place for a chat and some songs” – Review, Acoustic magazine

So forget preconceptions and put labels and marketing hype aside; Tom Doughty plays and sings real, organic music that comes from the soul.

30th October at 8pm, Black Box Belfast
Tickets for the event can be purchased online by clicking HERE.

All proceeds to Arts Care. Please consider making a small contribution to this worthwhile charity.
To make a donation and for more information, please see: