Saturday, 1 September 2012

Noye's Fludde by NI Opera at Belfast Zoo

The kids went to see their first opera a couple of weeks ago.  Their cousin told them how he fell asleep at an opera when he was in New York, so they were pretty disgusted that I had booked them tickets for something so boring.

I think they were genuinely pleased by what they experienced, though the typical Belfast rain did it's best to wash us away.

Having the opera performed at the zoo must have been a logistical nightmare, but it was a stroke of genius.
All the kids I saw were excited, despite the downpour, and the marquees were packed, as well as the outside area.  Entry to the zoo itself was included in the price and many people stayed to see the animals.

I don't usually buy programs as they are usually full of actors' biographies and adverts and are a waste of money, but I'm pleased I bought this one.  It included sections on Benjamin Britten, the China Children's Chorus, the KT Wong Foundation, the design, a synopsis and the story of Dayu, as well as the customary biogs and ads.    

The best aspect of the event definitely was the design though.  The animals made from bamboo and silk using traditional lantern making techniques were simply beautiful, as were the birds made using kite making techniques.  The ark was built in front of our eyes, bit by bit and I think we were a bit shocked at just how many animals managed to get inside!

Well done to all involved. Opera can be a difficult artform to get kids interested in.  This production not only succeeded in getting families to go, but also managed to make them want to go back.


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