Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Open University Course Books for Sale - SOLD

I am selling my Open University Course Books. They're all in good condition, though I have made notes and underlined sections.  I'll sell them by course.  Get in touch if you would like to buy them and let me know what you would like to offer - classygenes@rocketmail.com


AA100 The Arts Past and Present 

Book 1: Reputations
Book 2: Tradition and Dissent
Book 3: Cultural Encounters
Book 4: Place and Leisure
Course Companion
Illustration Book 1
Illustration Book 2
Assignment Booklet (Oct 2008)
Online Applications CD-Rom
Reputations DVD/CDs (5/6)
Tradition and Dissent DVD/CDs (4/4)
Cultural Encounters DVD/CDs (4/4)
Place and Leisure DVD/CDs (4/6)

A200 Exploring history: medieval to modern 1400-1900

Block 1: France, England and Burgundy in the fifteenth century
Block 2: The European Reformation
Block 3: The Wars of the Three Kingdoms
Block 4: Slavery and Freedom
Block 5: Creating Nations
Block 6: Nations and Imperialism
Course Guide
Media Book
Visual Sources Book
TMA Booklet (2009)
DVDs 1-3
CD Rom
CD Audio
Also set book: Exploring History 1400 – 1900 (Rachel C Gibbons)

A330 Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds

Block 1:The myth of Hippolytus and Phaedra
Block 2:Myth in Rome: power, life and afterlife
Block 3:Ovid and the reception of myth
Block 4:Myth and reason
Textual Sources 1
Textual Sources 2
Visual Sources
Assessment Booklet 2010

A326 Empire: 1492-1975
Block 1: What are Empires?
Block 2: How do Empires begin?
Block 3: How do Empires work?
Block 4: How were Empires experienced?
Block 5: How do Empires end?
Block 6: Conclusions and Legacies
Empire DVD
Empire CD
Assessment Booklet
Course Guide
Website Guide
DVD Transcript
Visual Sources Book
Assessment Booklet (2011)

A219 Exploring the Classical World

Block 1: Homer and the Greek 'Dark Age'
Block 2: Classical Athens
Block 3: The Roman Republic
Block 4: Rome – City and People
Experiencing the Classical World
Block 5: Revision and Retrospection
Readings Book 1
Readings Book 2
Illustrations Book
Course Introduction
Audio- visual Notes 1
Audio – visual Notes 2
Assignment Book
Specimen Examination Paper
CDs 1 – 6
Lysistrata (2 Cds)
DVDs 1 – 4

AA309 - Culture, identity and power in the Roman empire

Block 1: Emperor and Empire
Block 2: Rome, Italy and the Empire
Block 3: Roman Greece and Asia Minor
Block 4: Roman Britain
Block 5: Roman North Africa
Block 6: So what was the Roman Empire?
Supplementary Texts
Offprints Book
Colour Plates
Illustrations Book
Specimen Exam Paper
Assignments (2010)
Course Guide and Glossary
Plan of Ostia
Plan of Pompeii
Cds 1 – 6 and DVDs 1 - 2

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