Monday, 17 February 2014

Coming Up: About A Goth by Staged Assault

'It's a very sunny day, the worst kind of weather for a goth, so I lurk in the shadows contemplating the great tragedies of my life. The burden of my intelligence, for example. Loneliness.
I am an only child.
Unless you count Lizzie, my sister, but I don't, since she is so clearly a moron.'

Meet Nick, a 17 year old cloak clothed gay goth, cursed with an annoying sister, the world's most cheerful parents and a part-time voluntary job at the local care home. He spends his time listening to Marilyn Manson, yearning for oblivion and designing coffins to present to Ikea's managing director. That is until tragedy strikes, changing Nick's views on life, and death, forever.


Starring Robert Killalay and directed by Helen Donnelly, this tender solo comedy from award winning playwright Tom Wells is guaranteed to warm even the blackest of hearts.

AboutA Goth is a 70 minute comedy written by Tom Wells (Critics Circle’s Most Promising Playwright, Evening Standard nominee), performed by Robert Killalay and directed by Helen Donnelly.

After a sell out performance in October, it is returning for one night only on Sunday 2nd March at 8.30pm at the Black Box Theatre, Belfast.

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