Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Golden day

Today our plans were cancelled and we found ourselves with nothing to do. We decided to go into town to watch the Olympics on the Big Screen at Belfast City Hall. There were a lot of people around what with the Pride Parade, the Féile stage, the Cow Parade and the sunny weather. We cheered on Paddy Barnes who won his fight to gain a place in the final eight. We watched the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure be interviewed on the green. Dylan wondered if she worked in the same place as the Minister of Magic in Harry Potter?

We watched rowing, and athletics, show jumping and rowing feeling as much a part of the Olympics as people who had tickets. My son ate ice cream as we watched people mill around. With a rock band cursing and belting out songs from the Féile stage and the Rainbow flag flying teens who had been there supporting Pride, it was the perfect place for people watching. My son commented that 'the cool dudes were out today' and indeed they were.

On the way home, we picked up pizza for tea, and talked about the Olympics. We hoped Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah would win. We looked up the times for Paddy Barnes next fight. My son wondered if he was competing in the Olympics, would he be Irish or British? Makes a change from discussing how many shots it takes to kill a zombie or if Batman would indeed beat Superman in a dual. I love days when you have nothing to do, but just be. Oh and we met this super cayman on the Lisburn Road. We've named him Snapposaurus.


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