Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Teenagers scare the living shit out of me

This is a short post about how difficult it is to be a good mum, how difficult it is to get the balance right, how difficult it is to watch your kids make mistakes. I think sometimes I do get it right but sometimes I get it very very wrong. The problem is you don't know until afterwards whether your teen will throw her arms around you in thankfulness or pack her suitcase to leave. 

This has happened twice. Once she made it to the hall. Once she stood outside on the doorstep.  Next time it will be the end of the street. The time after that, a friends house. The time I worry about is when she decides to move in with a much older boyfriend, stops at a pub or trusts the wrong friend. I worry about these times.

I hope that I have given her the tools to recognise a bad situation, to know how to get out of it and how to break someones nose... I want her to experience life, to think for herself, to try things and decide for or against them and to learn from her own mistakes.

But to allow this to happen I would need to let her out of the basement...



  1. I was witness to some of what you got up to Mrs O'Rawe an you turned out pretty good, with you as a mum she can't go far wrong :)

  2. Oh my god, that's what I'm worried about!! Lock them up! :-)

  3. Wrap them up in bubble wrap and then lock them up. That is what I intend to do...

    PS You're a great mum!

  4. Fanks :-) Bubble wrap....great idea!