Monday, 6 August 2012

Avengers Assemble

Today we went to see Avengers Assemble at the Waterfront Hall. Initially meant to be part of a Movie Superheroes weekend, all the other events were cancelled. Of course Dylan and I had already seen the film and loved it, but we were looking forward to seeing it again on an even bigger screen.

There were a lot of geeks in the room, including many who had dressed for the occasion. Dylan was delighted when both the Hulk and Captain America sat directly behind us. 

We were welcomed with a very polite Good Afternoon message.
Then the screen announced 'Now follows a short film about Scarlett Johansson's butt'. The teenage boys in the room were delighted and the Captain America sitting behind us agreed wholeheartedly.

And what a film!  
Avengers Assemble is something special. It's a film that provides numerous opportunities for laughing, not only at the heroes, but also at ourselves. When Agent Coulson produces his vintage trading cards, we laugh because we recognise ourselves. When Stark announces That man over there is playing Galaga. Thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did”, we know that reference is to us, playing solitaire in work, or logging into facebook in school.
When Director Josh Whedon kills off Agent Coulson, every geek sees a mirror image of themselves die. We have the trading cards, we think we'd face up to the enemy, we would certainly blow Loki away with a big gun, and yes, we would probably die trying. However Coulson's (our) death gives our heroes something to avenge and so we don't mind at all.

The Waterfront is a great place to watch a big film. Every comic line was met with much laughter, the end credits produced applause and almost everyone stayed for Thanos' appearance after the credits. Everyone left with a smile on their face and Dylan practised his Avengers moves on the Waterfront's walls.


Jeremy Renner however has without doubt, the best butt in the film.
Scarlett Johansson, you don't get a look in.



  1. great post account of the day can't agree with your last statement however. lol

  2. great post account of the day can't agree with your last statement however. lol