Thursday, 9 August 2012

Oedipus the King

I am really looking forward to seeing Oedipus at the Lyric Theatre on Friday night.  It is being produced by a company of young actors aged 17-19, supported by the Lyric's Creative and Technical teams.

I have always found it a particularly desolate tale. Oedipus is a seemingly wise man who can solve the riddle of the Sphinx when no-one else can.  His realisation that he is completely powerless against the passage of destiny is one that is repeated throughout Ancient myth.  

He never stands a chance.  Once the oracle has given its prophecy, there's no way out.

The tale teases us with hope though. We see Oedipus saved by a servant after being abandoned with his legs pinned together, we see him grow up in the court of a King, we see him beat the Sphinx, marry a Queen and have children.  But when disaster strikes in Greek myth and destiny catches up with you, you can be sure your fate will be extreme. 
And so it is for Oedipus.

I'm looking forward to seeing this translation of Sophocles' classic given a modern twist.  I do think it rather funny that the person directing the piece is my old Biology teacher, the classics consultant is my old University tutor and my husband is the Lighting Designer.  

I'm not sure what the Oracle would read in to all these coincidences but it certainly feels like I am destined to attend...


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